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Turret Position Indicator 6A/1804

Serial Number 5?57/44. Smiths reference 195FL

PRICE: £75                         P2307/22

American Outside Air Temperature Gauge 45-1444-P

Serial number 25122 dated 1945

PRICE: £50                           P231008

Ammeter 20 Amp 5A/1633 dated 1941


Gear Box Mk2 6A/256 for Engine Speed Indicator Drive Cables

Tiger Moth, Magister, etc.

PRICE: £50                            P230207

Turn & Bank Indicator Type A11 by BENDIX

Serial Number 42-40305 dated 1942

SOLD                              P220929

Pressure Head Mk8A 12 Volt 6A/728 Dated 1940 – Spitfire?

Serial number DH2219/40

PRICE: £50

Watch Holder Mk3 6A/1465


Replacement Felt washers also available. £5 each.

Altimeter Mk3A 6A/1846

Serial No. 109/51

PRICE: £50                                  P220421

Altimeter Mk13B* 6A/3347

Serial No. 1342/51

PRICE: £50                                   P220421

Engine Speed Generator for Mk4 RPM Gauges 6A/780 – Lancaster, etc.


Oil Pressure Gauge by KDG of London

Issued to BOAC and marked BOAC/EPNC/1001, Serial number 5390/8. Complete with capillary.


Rectifier Unit 6A/2823

For Fuel Gauges Mk5A. Serial No. 4329

PRICE: £15                               P191022

Oil Temperature Gauge 91MV

PRICE: £20

Twin Oil Pressure Gauge 153MV

Serial number 1951/6

PRICE: £40

Oil Pressure Transmitter 6A/2601


Civil Type Gyro Horizon Mk2 LA2552

Once fitted to DHC-1 Chipmunk WG463.

PRICE: £40

Junction Box Type D 6A/6125 for Zero Reader Type ZL2

PRICE: £15

Gyro Horizon Type HL5 6A/2717

Serial Number 4189

PRICE: £30