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Cockpit Clock Mk3A 6A/676

Swiss made. Dated 1936. Serial Number 4034/36.

PRICE: £500                            P230714

Trim Indicator 24v 6A/4741 dated 1956

Serial number 13028/56

PRICE: £40                               P230922

Trim  Tab Indicator

PRICE: £75                                  P230722

Fuel Pressure Gauge Mk8B 6A/524

Serial number 189/41. Dated 1941.

SOLD                     P230714

Fuel Pressure Gauge Mk8A 6A/732 Dated 1940

Serial Number 3034/40. 5 Foot capillary.

SOLD                     P230722

De-Icer Contents Gauge 6A/1850

Smiths 762FG. Serial Number 2047/48

PRICE: £35                 P230904

De-Icer Contents Gauge 2001FG

Serial number M2/3809

PRICE: £35                   P230904

Fuel Contents Gauge Type 134 6A/1471

Beaufighter. Serial number 296/7. Smiths reference 545FG.

PRICE: £75                     P230828

Fuel Contents Gauge Type 100 6A/1215

AVRO Lancaster

PRICE: £75                         P230828

Fuel Contents Gauge Type 56 6A/896

Wellington Bomber. Smiths reference 294FG. Serial number 31698

PRICE: £75                    P230828

Fuel Contents Gauge Type 54 6A/894

Wellington Bomber. Smiths reference 290FG. Serial number 19761

PRICE: £ 75                   P230828

Fuel Contents Gauge Type 55 6A/895

Wellington Bomber. Smiths reference 292FG.

PRICE: £75                        P181216

Fuel Contents Gauge 6A/2058

For tail wheel aircraft, possibly Hastings. Smiths reference 819FG

PRICE: £75                   P230714

Fuel Contents Gauge 6A/2806

For tail wheel aircraft, possibly Hastings. Smiths reference 1477FG. Serial number 9035/5

PRICE: £75                       P23080

Fuel Contents Gauge Type 12 6A/632

Believed to be AVRO Anson. Serial number 114123

PRICE: £250                          P230919

REPRODUCTION Stop Watch Holders

3D Printed

PRICE: £35

Suction Gauge Mk1 6A/757

Serial Number 2063/44. Dated 1944.

PRICE: £60                       P230712

Suction Gauge Mk1 6A/1590

Serial number 8296/44. Minor chip on case.

PRICE: £50                                     P221031

Fuel Contents Gauge Type 130 6A/1395

Stirling No.1 Tank

SOLD                                 P230207

Fuel Contents Gauge Type 131 6A/1368

Serial Number 33175/53. Dated 1953.

Short Sunderland

SOLD                                P230201

Fuel Contents Gauge Type 217 6A/1893

150 Gallon. 12 Volt. Serial number 6871/1. Believed to be for Bristol Brigand.

PRICE: £40                                    P221031

Altimeter Mk12D 6A/1588

One Lug Broken.

PRICE: £45

Fuel Contents Gauge 24 Gallon 6A/3242

Complete with capillary. Serial No. 3150/452. Fairey Firefly.


Oil Temperature Gauge 6A/155 dated 1940

Serial Number 2761/40. Complete with 10 foot capillary.

SOLD                    P230722

Oil Temperature Gauge Mk2A 6A/1479

Serial Number 18294/44. Dated 1944.

SOLD                 P230712

Oil Temperature Gauge Mk2A 6A/1479

Unused. Serial number 7089/44. Dated 1944.

SOLD                            P220924

Oil Temperature Gauge Mk1B 6A/1349

Serial Number 25730/42

PRICE: £40                                   P220924

Flap Position Indicator Type 3FL

Thought to be Anson

SOLD                    P 230712

Flap Position Indicator Type 5FL

Thought to be Anson

PRICE: £40                      P230712 

Flap Position Indicator 6A/2136

Smiths FL144. Serial number 23842/49. As fitted to later Lancasters.

SOLD                             P230207

Bezel Wound Clock Mk2 6A/579

Dated 1939. Not working. Red hands missing.

PRICE: £150.00

Waterproof Case for Clock Mk1 6A/433

For use in seaplanes. Serial Number 194/40.

SOLD                            P221214

Cockpit Clock Mk4 6A/2197

Previously marked as 106A/322

Not in working order

Jaeger Model 43S-4 Serial Number 99


Oil Pressure Gauge Mk11e 6A/1601

Serial Number H6920/9

PRICE: £150                     P230920

Oil Pressure Gauge Mk7F 6A/1596

Serial Number 382E

PRICE: £75                         P231006

Oil Pressure Gauge Mk7F 6A/1596

AVRO Lincoln and others.Case cracked.


Oil Temperature Gauge Mk1A 6A/157

Black bezel. No capillary. Serial number 4698/43.

SOLD                         P220131

Pressure Gauge AHO3386

PRICE: £50

Smiths Director Horizon 9/2-SFS dated 1959

PRICE: £30

Slip Indicator 6A/6616

PRICE: £20

Exhaust Temperature Gauge 6A/1825

PRICE: £20

Flap Position Indicator 67FL

Believed to be Fairey Barracuda.

PRICE: £50

Oil Pressure Gauge Mk11e 6A/556 dated 1940

Serial number 64823/40. Complete with 10 foot capillary.

PRICE: £195                        P230722

Oil Pressure Gauge Mk12C 6A/1736

Serial Number 6405/45

PRICE: £75                      P220924

 Boost Gauges

Scarce Boost Gauge Mk3C dated 1940

Serial Number 32767/40

Price: £125                      P230722

Boost Gauge Mk3G 6A/789 dated 1940

Serial number 22258/40

PRICE:£ £125                     P230722

Boost Gauge Mk3H +8lbs 6A/1219 dated 1941

Serial number 1338/41

PRICE: £95



Boost Gauge Mk3H* +8 Lbs 6A/1221

Dated 1943. Serial Number 78543/43

PRICE: £95

Boost Gauge Mk3M* +24lbs 6A/1582

Serial Number 95240/44 Dated 1944

SOLD                    P230712

Boost Gauge Mk3N* 6A/1867

Fitted to the Hawker Typhoon, Tempest and Sea Fury

PRICE: £50

Brake Pressure Gauges

Brake Pressure Gauge AHO4040.

This is the very rare gauge that was fitted to the Spitfire.


See Spitfire Parts page

Triple Brake Pressure Gauge Mk1C 6A/1754

Serial number 12772/44

SOLD                                P221214

Engine Speed Indicators (RPM) and Drives, etc.

Engine Speed Indicator Mk4B 6A/1299

Serial Number 1912/51 dated 1951.

PRICE: 125                          P231006


Twin Engine Speed Indicator Mk2E  6A/442.

Used in twin engined aircraft such as the Anson and Oxford.


PRICE: £60

Engine Speed Indicator Mk10A 6A/2801

PRICE: £30


Engine Speed Indicator Mk9G 6A/1191

Serial Number 8734/41

PRICE: £175                         P230920

Engine Speed Indicator Mk9G 6A/1300

Serial Number 29752/43. 1000 to 5000 RPM.

Spitfire, Typhoon, etc.

SOLD                                P230515/GS

Engine Speed Indicator Mk9G 6A/1300

This is the classic mechanical engine speed indicator as used in the later marks of Spitfire and in the Typhoon, Tempest and Sea Fury


American Engine Speed Generator 106A/1431 dated 1943


Engine Speed Indicator 20,000 RPM 6A/1559

Used in the early jets. Serial number 2104/52.

PRICE: £30                              P221214

Fuel Contents Gauges

Fuel Gauge Type GK1

Serial number WE21

PRICE: £30

Smiths Fuel Gauge Type LK50

PRICE: £30

Fuel Contents Gauge 922FG 6A/1968

Nose tank 17 Gallons.

PRICE: £45

Fuel Contents Gauge Type 195 6A/1788

Smiths 799FG, 300 Gallons Serial number 4688BC  – AVRO Lincoln No.3 Tank

PRICE: £45


Miscellaneous Instruments


Visual Indicator 10Q/4

For Beam Approach. Serial Number 16195G

PRICE: £95                             P220421

Turn & Slip Indicator 6A/2672

PRICE: £35

Engine Temperature Gauge 6A/1305

Corrosion on rear case

PRICE: £25

Air Temperature Gauge Mk2A 6A/1611

24 volt. Serial Number 5756/53.

PRICE: £30                              P221214

Air Pressure Gauge Mk8F 6A/1596

PRICE: £45

Pressure Head (Pitot) Mk8T 6A/3819

New. Old stock.

PRICE: £50

2x Fuel Pressure Senders – 1 dated 1952, the other dated 1957.

PRICE: £30 the pair                           P200523