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Microphone Type 25 10A/12570

For use in Type E and Type G Oxygen Masks

PRICE: £35                         P230920

Jack Plug – Various Designs Available

PRICE: £5 each

American Jack Box BC-366  dated 1943

SOLD                                   P230207

Contactor Type 71 24v 10AD/68

Serial Number 209/46

SOLD                                 P230207

Aerial Loading Unit 10B/16025

Serial Number 18182. Ex Mosquito TA533

SOLD                            P230207

Radio Altimeter 110QB/6

Serial Number 2063049

PRICE: £50                             P230201

Radio Compass Indicator Type 1 10Q/49

Serial Number 274432. Believed to be early 1950s.

PRICE: £40                                  P230201

BENDIX Station Box 3620 110H/14

Serial Number E19853. For use in switching between a TR9 and a Bendix radio.


Air Gunners Control Unit 10L/226

Serial Number 11658. 2x Switches Broken and text damaged.

PRICE: £25

Radio Valve Type 10E/215

Used in Transmitter T1154

PRICE: £50                              P190923

Junction Box Type 103 10A/15353

PRICE: £25

Morse Key Type F 10A/7741

New Old Stock. Still in original cardboard carton.

PRICE: £95                               P221120

Morse Key Type F 10A/7789

As fitted to Lancaster bombers

PRICE: £95

Remote Contactor Type 2(PIPSQUEAK) 10A/10994.

PRICE: £100

Remote Contactor Type 2 (PIPSQUEAK) 10A/10994

Box lid missing.

PRICE: £75

Homing Indicator 10Q/2 with rare sprung mount and lamp.


Radio Ammeter 10A/13383 dated 1944 on the instrument and 1943 on the box!

PRICE: £25

Dinghy Radio Aerial Kite

For Gibson Girl Emergency radio. Does assemble but requires some TLC!


Amplifier Type A1134 10/11500 – Incomplete

Serial number 17156. Several internal parts missing.


Miscellaneous Equipment

Intercom Socket Type 359 10H/2206


Intercom Socket Type 359 10H/2206


PRICE: £20

Converter RAF “Bell” Plug to NATO Jack Plug 5A/5067

PRICE: £30

Socket Type 395 10H/13079

New. Old stock.

PRICE: £15

Junction Box 10H/5838

Minor damage to cable entry point.

PRICE: £15                      P231101

Switch 10F/13238

PRICE: £5                       P231101

Switch 3-Amp 10F/10338

PRICE: £5                     P231101

Switch 10F/13236

PRICE: £5                   P231101

Various other switches available including 10F/13237 and 10F/11714. Also Push Buttons 3180-1 and 3180-2.

Jones Plugs/Sockets

Socket 10H/428 (2 Off)

PRICE: SOLD                       P230824

Plug Type 209 10H/433 (3 Off)

PRICE: SOLD                          P230824

Plug 10H/322 (1 Off) and Socket (2 Off)

PRICE: SOLD                          P230824

Plug Type 563 10H/563 (3 Off)

PRICE: £75 the three               P230824