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Rare 2-Panel Back Irvin Flying Jacket once the property of W. A. Laurie of 610 Sqn Fighter Command.

Laurie was wing man to the famous Johnie Johnson and later succeeded him as CO of 610.

The jacket bears his name, faintly on the back. It is in reasonable condition with all zips working, but the label has become detached (but is still present) and there is a small tear on one shoulder.

This is a unique object with considerable history.

PRICE: £1500

Waterproof Gloves Size 7 22C/1369705

PRICE: £35

Sutton Harness complete with Clip

SOLD                      P220813


Type G Cloth Helmets


Flying Helmet Type G + Oxygen Mask Type H

Helmet size 3 serial number 48225/58.  Oxygen Mask size 1

PRICE: £150

Flying Helmet Type G 22C/8415-99-130-1766

Size 2. Dated 1980. Complete with electrics.

PRICE: £50

Wiring Looms and Accessories

Classic Wartime Issue “bell” style Jack Plug


SOLD OUT – More Wanted

RAF to NATO Converter Loom

PRICE: £25

Pattern 6 Wiring Loom for C-Type Helmet 10H/4887

New loom complete with plugs for post-War C-Type helmet. New. Still in its plastic wrapper.

PRICE: £150

Socket Type 614 for Early Type H Oxygen Mask 10H/18196

Probably late WW2 or 1940s

PRICE: £40

American Type T30 Throat Microphone


PRICE: £15


Navigators Bag Type 1


One only available. Appears to be un-issued.



Delta Electric A2050 Life Belt Lamp

PRICE: £15

WW2 Parachute Release Box 15A/970


This is the late war type which was introduced about 1942. It has been modified after the war for use with an ejection seat but has subsequently been converted back to wartime specification.


PRICE: £75

Observers’ Parachute Attachment Clips (Pair)

PRICE: £100.00                      P230824



Box of 10 Microphone Connectors for Oxygen Masks

Ten plugs & sockets per box. Some have plates attached for use with cloth helmets.


PRICE: £25

Oxygen Cut-Off Valve 6D/480

PRICE: £50

Oxygen Cylinder Mk5A* 6D/131

Corroded. Complete with Valve 6D/264

PRICE: £150                                 P220802

Oxygen Master Valve Mk10 6D/2313

PRICE: £30

Oxygen Regulator Mk10A” 6D/1395

Serial number 225/50 with a repair date of May 1962 by Lancashire Aircraft Ltd. Many of these were rebuilt Wartime Mk10s.

PRICE: £200                           P221031


Oxygen Flow Indicator 6D/335 American Reference AN6029

As used on the P51 Mustang and B17 Fortress.

Wartime dated

PRICE: £35                             P190401

Oxygen Hose and Clip 6D/526

PRICE: £150                            P231008

Oxygen Valve Mk7A 6D/264

PRICE: £50                              P230207


Oxygen Supply Bayonet Union Mk4 6D/526

Complete with Crocodile Clip.


PRICE: £50

Oxygen System Joint Union 6D/575

This is used as a pipe joint in oxygen supply lines of aircraft of the 1940s and 1950s.

PRICE: £10