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Air Speed Indicators in MPH

The RAF, with the exception of Coastal Command, used MPH throughout WW2 only changing to Knots in 1946/47.

Canadian Air Speed Indicator 6AA/360

Serial Number 504706. Possibly Mosquito.

PRICE: £75                               P230207


Air Speed Indicator 60-400 MPH – Mk9E

Fitted to early Mk. Spitfires and all British made Lancasters


SOLD OUT – More Wanted

REPRODUCTION Air Speed Indicator 60-400 MPH

Represents those used in the Spitfire and Hurricane during the Battle of Britain

PRICE: £200                            P230313


Air Speed Indicator 60-480 MPH – Mk9F

Fitted to later Mks of Spitfire

SOLD OUT – More Wanted

REPRODUCTION Air Speed Indicator 60-480 MPH.

Represents that used in the later marks of the Spitfire – Mk9 Onwards

PRICE: £200


Air Speed Indicators in Knots

 The Royal Navy used ASIs in Knots during WW2, but the RAF did not, except in Coastal Command. Knots were not adopted by the RAF until 1946/47.



Air Speed Indicator 20-210 Knots – Mk9A* 6A/1543

Low reading ASI suitable for the Tiger Moth and Auster light aircraft.


PRICE: £50

Air Speed Indicator 50-280 Knots – Mk9D* 6A/422



PRICE: £35                            P190329


Air Speed Indicator 50-350 Knots – Mk9E* 6A/585

Fitted to many WW2 types including the Seafire, Sea Hurricane, Firefly and Barracuda.



PRICE: £35

Air Speed Indicator Type 175AS-PC 6A/4133

Serial number 29332/56

PRICE: £30                                       P221031


Altimeter Mk14A 6A/1273

Serial Number 1773/49. Dated 1949.

PRICE: £95                            P230201

Altimeter Mk14B(P) 6A/1213

Serial number 2453/52.

PRICE: £95                             P231006

Altimeter Mk20A 6A/3155

Serial Number 1568/54. Dated 1954. Reads to 35,000 feet. Smiths reference KAA1501K.

PRICE: £80                          P220924

Altimeter Mk20(P) 6A/3156

Serial number 2222/55. Dated 1955. Reads to 50,000 feet.

SOLD                          P230808

Altimeter Type KB25/01

Serial number J2183/49

PRICE: £95                          P231006

Altimeter Mk19B 6A/5040

Smiths reference KAA0806A. Serial number NS2309. Reds to 60,000 feet.

SOLD                             P221031

Altimeter Mk13D 6A/1743 dated 1943

Serial Number 895/43. Cover missing from adjuster.



Artificial Horizons


Artificial Horizon Mk1B 6A/1519

Introduced in 1940, but not in common use until 1941.

Some examples dated after 1945.

PRICE: £55

American Gyro Horizon 106A/700



Direction Indicators

Direction Indicator Mk1A 6A/1298 dated 1951

PRICE: £125

Direction Indicator Mk1A 6A/1298

Dated 1943. Once fitted to Balliol WN164. Serial number 19014/43

SOLD                      P230313


Direction Indicator Mk1 6A/1297 dated 1942.

This is the older style Mk1 D.I. with the square body and bottom mounted air intake.

Adjuster Knob lacks the rubber cover. Dial rotates when knob is turned, but will not “uncage”

PRICE: £125


Direction Indicator Mk1A 6A/1298

Adjuster knob missing

PRICE: £95


Rate of Climb Indicators

Rate of Climb Indicator Mk1B 6A/1301

Appears to be unissued and unused. Serial number 16294/42. Dated 1942.


Rate of Climb Indicator Mk1B* 6A/942

Long cased, first pattern gauge dated 1942.


Rate of Climb Indicator Mk1B 6A/942

Short case, second pattern. Dated 1940

Serial number 23724/40

PRICE: £150

Rate of Climb Indicator Mk3Q 6A/7677

Smiths reference KR1001K. Serial Number OP764.

PRICE: £40

Rate of Climb Indicator Mk1C(P) 6A/2171

Dated 1950


Turn & Slip Indicators

Turn & Slip Indicator Mk1A 6A/675

White marks on dial.

PRICE: £200

Turn & Slip Indicator Mk1A 6A/675

Bakelite Case. Serial Number 30068/41

PRICE: £185

Turn & Slip Indicator Mk1A 6A/1302

Serial Number 2343/51 dated 1951

PRICE: £185

Turn and Bank Indicator 24 Volt 6A/2672

Serial Number 10768.

PRICE: £35                             P220926